Filipino Horoscopes

Pen and ink, 2016.

These are a set of stickers inspired by a couple posters I created for Oberlin’s Filipino American Student Association. For two of FASA’s annual banquets, I decided to feature animals distinct to the Philippines: the bangus and the karabaw:


Much later on, a friend repurposed one of these illustrations and posted it to Facebook with the caption, “me as a real taurus.” This made me think of what other Philippine imagery could be used for the remaining horoscope signs.

Some of these translations were more literal than others (e.g. kambing as Capricorn, or alimango as Cancer). With others, I had fun reinterpreting the traditional horoscope signs. Aquarius became a buko, because coconuts are nature’s “water bearers”. There are no lions in the Philippines, but the bearded boar has somewhat of a mane. Lastly, Gemini became a pair of pan de sal (bread rolls) – an homage to a Philippine pan de sal brand called Kambal (twins).